Youth Group Kick-off Meeting was GREAT!

Hey all! Quick recap of Friday night’s first study on the attributes of God. 😀

We talked about God’s intended relationship with us and how we grow in that relationship: by knowing Him. The greater we know Him, the closer we are to Him.

As we begin in studying the attributes of God, we keep this statement in mind, as written by A.W. Tozier, “The most important thing about us is what comes into our minds when we think about God.”.

We will be studying 15 different attributes of Him. Though not exhaustive to all of who He is, it will take us into a greater, deeper understanding of the grandness of God. The 15 attributes we’re covering are: His Self-Existence, Spirituality, Sovereignty, Holiness, His Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence, His Immutability, His Truthfulness, Wisdom, Goodness, Graciousness and Love, His Foreknowledge and His Righteousness in Wrath.

This is going to be such a powerful in depth study that will, Lord willing, open our eyes to the wonders of who God is and draw our youth into awe-inspired worship towards Him.

The last thing we talked about was His Unity and Eternality in reference to all of His other attributes. That is to say that none of these attributes are independent of each other, but that they are all interconnected. (i.e., His love is holy, His truthfulness is holy, His sovereignty is wise and good, etc.). Every aspect of who God is, is 100% part of every other part of Him. This is called His Unity. His Eternality is to say that none of this has ever changed or gradually formed over time. From eternity past to eternity future, He has always, 100%, been all of this to its fullest extent and will never stop being any of it.

Please take an opportunity to talk with your kids and try to engage in conversation, even study with them to explore God’s greatness in this way and encourage them in their personal walk to independently seek God more.

Also their memory verse for these two weeks, until our next gathering is Exodus 15:11. Points will be awarded to anyone who has it memorized by then.

– Josiah

The C3 Youth Group meets Friday nights. Message Josiah & Mary Huff for further info.


We are a Gospel-Centered Church Located In The Four Corners / Reunion / Champions Gate Area Of Central Florida.

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