Mid-week update on what’s going on

Here’s a few updates for everyone as we progress this week.

First, All of the past few weeks sermons are FINALLY loaded on YouTube!! You can go catch-up one ones you missed. They have been some intense ones, so it’s worth your time. You can visit our YouTube page: www.YouTube.com/ThisisC3 We try to have them up within a few days of the actual sermon / study date.

I’m trying a system where the studies / sermons may be loaded the day of. We will see. But as of now, I’m praising God that I got these up this week!

Next up- there is no Bible study tonight at Minch Coffee. We skipped this week when we set the schedule. The first and second studies are on our YouTube as well – but you can also see them here on our website. Here are the two pages for each of the studies:

Sola Scriptura
Solus Christus

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any topics regarding these studies, you can contact Pastor Tony.

There is a fire pit night coming up this Sunday evening. Depending on weather will determine if it’s at the Alonso Wild or the Huff BY (back-yard). There is also talks of a movie involved. Contact Josiah & Mary Huff for updates on this Sunday’s activities. If you are a part of the youth group as a parent or a youth member, make sure you are a member of this group.

Parents: if you are on Telegram – you can join an immediate response chat by clicking this link.

We need food for or kiddos on Sunday mornings. So if you can bring a snack item or prepackaged items to go in our trailer to put out in future weeks for the kids, please bring your items to the Welcome table. Joanne is our Hospitality Table contact so let her know if any questions or ideas you may have.

This is THIS Saturday. If you have questions or would still like to see how you can be involved, contact Mary Huff for further details. You can also join the telegram group as well: Choices Women’s Clinic

Thank you for joining with us in blessing a Mother who chose LIFE for her baby over an abortion. We are so blessed to be able to participate in God’s story here.

Check out our calendar and newsfeed to keep up to date on what’s going on with events.
Coty Alonso
Coty Alonso

I’m always reforming.

Pastor’s wife and pastor’s kids Momma. I am, unapologetically, a confessor of Christ and I’m so glad that He saved me while I was an enemy fool running in the opposite direction. I owe my life to Him and I will live pointing people in the direction of the one who holds my heart, Jesus.

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