Youth Group Week of 2/17

Had a great Bible Study this past Friday! This weeks memory verse — Psalm 90:2

We jumped right into our first attribute of the series — the Aseity of God. That’s a fancy Latin word for the self-existence of God. 

We discovered how the Bible tells us that God has always existed and everything required for His existence is found within Himself. He is self-existent and self-sufficient. (Psalm 90:2)

We looked at the contrasting side of the coin, that we, meaning all of creation, are neither of these things. We are 100%, completely dependent on God to exist and continue existing. Hearing from R.C. Sproul, “If anything exists, then something has always existed. If there was ever absolutely nothing, then nothing could possibly be now because you cannot get something out of nothing.”

Understanding that God does not need us or anything outside of Himself, we asked the question, “What’s the point then?”. Why did He create us if we offer nothing that fulfills Him in any way as though He were lacking something? The truth as seen in scripture is that He did it merely out of His good and perfect pleasure. His satisfaction was seen in creation as He said it was “very good”, not “Ah that’s better. Now I have everything I need.” 

We then looked at the incredible wonder of His special love to those who belong to Him. That good pleasure is even greater than towards His general creation. Zephaniah 3:17 paints such a beautiful picture of God rejoicing over His people and singing over them with joy. Such an incredible picture of someone who never needed us in the first place!!

The Aseity of God shows us the greatness of who God is and how big He truly is and in spite of that He cares about our minuscule existence. Please take some time to talk to your kids about this and how it might have changed their perspective on God or perhaps just increased their wonder of Him. Encourage questions and seeking out the answers in scripture and prayer. 

Can’t wait for our next Bible Study as we talk about the Spirituality of God.

Message Josiah for questions or how to get involved!

Dagmary Huff
Dagmary Huff

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