Brad Holland

My parents brought me to Walt Disney World the year the park opened. I don’t remember much of the trip, being all of 5 years old, but I saw the monorail and that’s all it took!  Florida, the Orlando area, Palm trees and sunshine all fused with my DNA.  It took 50 years to get here but all wonderful things are worth waiting for. My wife Heidi and I both grew up in Metro Atlanta where we taught school for 30 years.  The sunshine and palm trees have been great but finding our C3 Church home and family and growing exponentially in the Word and personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ has been a blessing.

Looking back over the 50 years that it took to make it here is to look at how God works in your life and how His sovereignty over our lives is perfect. Want the story or more on those 50 years? Let’s do lunch, dinner or meet for coffee!  Heidi and I will be celebrating our 33rd year of marriage this summer. We have two beautiful daughters that here in Florida as well.

I grew up in the Church but not really hearing the Gospel in those services.  When Heidi and I began dating (39 years ago!) Church was important to us both. As we grew and matured we realized through attending various Churches was all you need is a Church deeply rooted in the Word, Sharing the Gospel, and Equipping the Saints to carry out the Great Commission. That’s what we are committed to and strive to do here at C3 Church.

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