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Membership Interest Meeting

When Jesus Christ called us to Himself for salvation, he also called us to his community of faith: the church. When the church is healthy, we should look like the early church in the book of Acts. In this early community of followers resources and daily lives were shared so freely that the surrounding culture looked in and wondered what on earth was going on there. At this meeting, we unpack what this looks like with Confessors of Christ Church.

A Special Service this Sunday

This Sunday we will be holding a very special and very different service at our usual service time of 11:03am. If you are a member of this body of believers, you won't want to miss this service. If you will be visiting us for the very first time, this is a service where you are invited to join us as family in Christ to do what Jesus has called ALL of His church to do, which is worship together! Please join us!

New Biblical Study: The Five Solas

Ever heard of the "Five Solas" ? Or how about the "Reformation" of the church? Or how about the name "Martin Luther"... or did you even know that there is ANOTHER Martin Luther that is incredibly, monumentally, important to our history? Why is it so important to know our church history anyway?