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Here are some helpful links that we have compiled together. This is not an exhausted list or a limited one. This is only but a start to some of our favorites. We will be adding to this list continually.

Official Confessors of Christ Church Links:


🔗Church Calendar

🔗C3 Telegram Community Group

☝️This is where you find these topics:

    • Outreach Serving Opportunities
    • Sunday Sermons
    • Prayer Requests
    • Church Announcements
    • Sunday Hospitality Table
    • Gathering Area
    • Kids Ministry Chat
    • Life Group Info
    • Youth Group Info
    • Upcoming Events
    • 1689 Wednesday Night Study
    • Needs of the Church

🔗C3 Telegram Swap Shop

☝️This is where you find these topics:

    • Free to Good Home
    • For Sale
    • Looking For…
    • Self Advertisement
    • A Great Deal!!

🔗C3 Telegram Women’s Group

🔗C3 Telegram Men’s Group


Social Media:

🔗C3 Facebook Page

🔗C3 Twitter Page

🔗C3 Instagram Page

🔗C3 Youtube Page

🔗C3 ChurchCenter App


Recommended Helpful Resources:



Basic to Deep Christianity / Biblical Questions:

Statement of Faith Confessions:

Podcasts / YouTube:



Humor / Sattire / Fun:

TV / Phone / Tablet Apps:

TV / Movie Reviews:

Bible Apps:


Great Books:

Great Places to buy Christian Resources:

Study Bibles:

Kid’s Bibles:

Help / Places we serve / support:


  • 🔗Choices Women’s Clinic
    • ☝️Provides medical pregnancy services and information on abortion. All services are free and confidential.
  • 🔗Pray 1 Thrift Store
    • ☝️This resale store sells furniture, clothing & appliances & uses proceeds to help the homeless.

If you have a suggestion to add to this list, fill out the contact form below and we’ll take a look!

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