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Heidi Holland is our Connections Director at Confessors of Christ Church. She can help you find where to get connected if you have any questions.

Social Media

Search for: Confessors of Christ Church or Thisisc3 on social media to find us!

Pray 1

Pray 1 is a thrift store on Hwy 192 between Disney and Hwy 27.

Confessors of Christ Church has committed to helping provide a free community meal every third Saturday of each month. This provides a space to reach in and talk to families who need companionship, fellowship, and prayer as they navigate a time of need in their lives. We also pray for opportunities to further relationships with families or individuals looking for a church to join in with.

You can also find members of our church serving in the thrift store as volunteers throughout the week doing various jobs needed to operate the store.


If you would like to know more or come and help with the once a month meal or the weekly serving opportunities at Pray1, you can contact Heidi Holland

Life Groups

At C3 we stress the importance of authentic discipleship, theological accuracy, genuine friendship, and living life on mission together. All of these needs are met through our varied Community Groups.

You can contact our Life Group Elder: Brad Holland for help in connecting with a Life Group.

Brad & Heidi’s Life Group

  • Meet on Monday’s at 6pm

Mario & Ketty’s Life Group

  • Meet on Thursday’s at 6pm

Orlando Abortion Ministry

This ministry is carefully and intently organized by Pastor Tony Alonso

If you would like to know how you can enter into this story together with the Elders of Confessors of Christ Church, please reach out to Tony. 

Youth Ministry

Eric and Megan Dubois


Ages: Middle School through High School 

Men's Group

Women's Group

Children's Ministry

Jacklynn Pierce

Ages: PreK to Eleven Years Old

The curriculum used in the kids ministry is the Gospel Project:

It’s more than a story—it’s good news!

The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps kids dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Special Needs Ministry

Jacklynn Pierce

Special needs kiddos mean the world to us. 

We have created a sensory space where parents or family members can sit with their child or special needs family member who may find it difficult to attend tupical corporate worship. We understand this because several of our families in the leadership of our church have special needs family members.

The sermon can be easily heard through a speaker that is placed so that family can still listen and follow along while their special needs family member can comfortably be who and where they want to be.

Our goal is to one day have a dedicated class for our special needs members.

Praise & Worship Team

Tony Alonso

Our worship begins with our praise and lament hymns of adoration at the beginning of our service. Singing songs that lift ourselves up or are like comfort food to our own beings are not worship to an almighty sovereign God who deserves complete worship. We have chosen to not be restricted to different types of instruments or music, but our words will be sung in unison to reflect our worship. 

We welcome musicians and giftings that wish to share in this vision. Please reach out to Pastor Tony if you have an interest or would like to help in anyway on the Praise and Worship Team.