Josiah Huff

I grew up in church my whole life, but mostly living with a very basic theology. I genuinely came to the faith when I was 12 years old and began my journey there. It wasn’t until my early 20’s, though, that I discovered God in a deeper, truer, more biblical way beyond a relationship with Him that was based mostly off of sensationalism. Our journey here to C3 has been an integral piece that God has used to further this growth in myself and my family. My time spent in the modern day church movements gave me great insight into what God is not and I hope to be a light to all & show the world who God has revealed Himself to be through scripture.  

My family and I moved from Tennessee to Central Florida in 2018 and have loved it ever since. I have been married to my wife, Dagmary, for 9 years now and we have 3 kids: Joshua, Danabelle & Jeremiah. I’m thankful for the gift of family and marriage that God has given me and the honor it is to be a father and a husband. 

My wife and I are deeply passionate about raising up the next generation to know and follow Christ and that starts with our own children, which is why we are strong advocates for homeschooling. Serving in the youth ministry furthers this passion as we get the opportunity to teach and mentor young people as they grow into young adults and quite possibly beginning their walk with Christ for the first time. I’m also a kid at heart, so I have a lot of fun!

I love all forms of art, but especially movies, music and storytelling. I also love the beauty of the outdoors.

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