What to expect.
9160 Bella Citta Blvd. Davenport, FL 11:03am

What you can expect at a Sunday Gathering

  • You and your family, including the kids, are invited into worship by singing praise and adoration to our Lord. 
  • After Praise & Worship, Announcements are given. This is also when we will welcome a new family as members of C3, if there is a family to be announced.
  • Kids are then dismissed after announcements. 
  • A Teaching Elder will now deliver a 30-45 minute sermon.
  • After sermon, you are invited into corporate gathered prayer. This is a time where three prayers are listed on the screens and you are invited to pray silently for the request, and then elder closes out the prayer outloud for the congregation.
  • After corporate prayer time together, the Communion table is prayed over and the invitation for all believers and followers of Christ is given. You do not have to be a member of C3 Church to partake of communion. If you are not yet a believer, you are invited to take Christ instead. If you are unsure of what that means and would like to know more, please talk to our Pastor after church. He is always available after church for your questions.
  •  After Communion, you are invited to participate in one or two last closing Praise and Worship songs.
  • Benediction and dismissal.

Please fill out our visitor card to pre-register your family for the kid’s ministry. This will save you time on Sunday morning… or when you return!